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Chad Valley – Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser)

If you ever needed a song to play in the background the moment you fall in love with someone for the first time, then look no further. UK singer-songwriter Chad Valley’s debut LP Young Hunger just dropped today and if this song is any indication it’s definitely an album you should check out.  Beautiful vocals by both Valley and Glasser float smoothly over a mystifying beat filled with tidbits of synths, piano chords, and percussion accompanied by a subtle bass riding in the background. The 90s-ness of the video (i.e. the chick in the dance sequence) isn’t too bad either.

Lights – Timing is Everything

Have you ever had one of those moments where you felt as though it was fate that led you to end up at a certain place at a certain time? That some inexplicable higher power caused a certain set of events to transpire in order to have you end up right then and there? While I can’t speak for everyone, it’s something I’ve definitely felt at some points in my life. Take my love of music for example. If I never came across a certain article on Scott Verner (the man behind the soundtracks of HBO’s Entourage How to Make it in America), I would never have been as inspired to seek out new music on a daily basis. Without that inspiration to fuel me, my musical tastes would’ve never been as broad as they are now and in all likelihood I would’ve never even started this blog.

My personal life aside, the point I’m trying to get at is that timing matters and today’s song is a reflection of that. The latest song off of Siberia to receive a music video, LIGHTS’ “Timing is Everything” drives home that little life lesson through its lyrics:

Both of us, different trajectories.

Who’d have thought we’d be right here in this spot?

Timing is everything.”

What makes LIGHTS such an appealing artist for me is that she’s not afraid to incorporate her geekiness (she’s an absolutely HUGE gamer and comic book reader) into her songs. Rather, she embraces what differentiates her from most people and instead turns it into her own unique sound and style of music. While poppish at times, LIGHTS has a certain charm and honesty that you can’t help but love.

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)

Now I’m not too familiar with Friendly Fires, but I did happen to come across the musical stylings of Grum a little over a year ago. Hailing from the land of Scotland, Graeme Shepard is known for the disco-like funkiness of his songs. That same funkiness is on full display on this track right here. Featuring a more uptempo beat than the original, Grum’s remix removes the guitar rifts and instead replaces them with the electric sounds of his synthesizer, thereby placing his signature funkified sound on the track. If you like what you hear and want a little more Grum in your life, be sure to check out his full length LP Heartbeats.

Van She – Jamaica

Another Friday, another weekend jam to send some positive vibes your way. After a tough work week, what better way to unwind than with a song that takes you away to a tropical place? Today’s track comes courtesy of Sydney-based Electro-pop band Van She. The 1st single off of their latest album The Idea of Happiness, “Jamaica” is a synth-pop song which makes you feel as though you are actually in the tropical islands of Jamaica the second it starts. Words can’t do the song enough justice, so peep the video and see for yourself the awesomeness that is “Jamaica.”

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

Ever since the start of this year’s postseason, there’s been nothing but good vibes and excitement all around the Bay Area. With the Giants set to continue their surprising postseason run tonight against the Tigers, what better song to post than one which poses the question all underdogs love to ask their doubters after performing something totally incredible and unexpected?

And can’t wait ’til you see.

I can’t wait.

So how you like me now?”


Funkiness, edginess, and dope instrumentation are what make this song appropriately playable to get pumped for tonight’s game (or the latest episode of Modern Family if you’re not a baseball fan). The Heavy’s The House that Dirt Built is out now.

JMSN – Something

Since most of today’s spotlight in the music blogosphere is on Kendrick Lamar and his major debut LP good kid, m.A.A.d. City, I figured it’d be appropriate to shed some light on the artist who provided vocals on 4 of the tracks. Formerly known as Christian TV, JMSN (real name Christian Berishaj) is arguably one of the best kept secrets in the R&B game today. While his sound is frequently compared to that of fellow R&B artist The Weeknd, Mr. Berishaj distinguishes himself from other artists in his genre through his knack for producing his own beats as well as his ability to create songs which paint a vivid picture in your mind of the type of pain and emotions he is experiencing. Having received praise from the one and only Usher Raymond for his work on his debut album Priscilla, JMSN is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the world of R&B. With that said, take the time to check out “Something” as well as Priscilla, which he’s kindly making available for free next week (for a limited time) in honor of the release of Kendrick Lamar’s debut LP.

The Penelopes – Now Now Now

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the Nike slogan “Just do it.” What makes it such a great slogan is that it teaches us the valuable life lesson of not overthinking whatever it is we have to do. Rather, it urges us to set aside any self-doubts we have and just go out there and “do it.” The Penelopes do a great job of relaying that same message in the little indie-electronic diddy that is today’s post:

You missed your chance, you kicked back and let it pass. Why why why?”

We all have moments in life where we let our doubts influence our actions (or inaction in some cases). Whenever that happens, things usually end up going terrible and we get results that are far worse than what we were expecting. Appropriately titled Never Live Another Yesterday, The Penelopes urge us over uptempo indie electronic dance beats to live in the moment at hand and leave anything negative that came yesterday behind us.  Instead of thinking about everything that went wrong recently and what could go wrong this week, why not quell those negative thoughts with something positive and upbeat to get your week started?

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