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Eye Emma Jedi – Sin (Coucheron Remix)

Today’s Monday sure feels like a Friday what with it being New Year’s Eve and all. In spite of the minor drought of new music releases during the holiday season, I was fortunate to come across this funky little diddy of a remix to suit today’s festive vibe.

Hailing from Asker, Norway, Coucheron takes indie rock band Eye Emma Jedi’s “Sin” and gives it a nu-disco makeover by giving it a touch of electro & a bit of funk. The end result is a track that’s filled with nothing but good vibes and pure EDM fun. No doubt a track that can help you ring in the New Year the right way. Peep game below.

Happy (almost) New Year y’all!

Feist – Cicadas & Gulls

With 2012 winding down to a close, most of us have probably spent a little more time than usual reflecting upon this year’s happenings. In spite of some the tragedies to occur this year (e.g. the shootings in Connecticut & Colorado, Hurricane Sandy, etc.), I felt as though 2012 was a good year; not as good as 2011, but still a year which produced memorable moments, experiences, and great music. Amongst the numerous memories created this year (or any year for that matter) however, the most memorable ones are typically the ones you spent with the people you cared about most. The feelings & sensations you felt during those moments you were so caught up in stay fresh in your mind because of how wonderful they were.

Feist’s “Cicadas & Gulls” touches on unforgettable moments such as these by using its lyrics to compare the feelings felt during a moment of love to a calm ocean-like setting:

Thoughts are like pearls

And flags are unfurled

When we’re in the dark

I’ll ride you like the ark

Because you’re mine, mine, mine

Because you’re mine.”

Sung over nothing but soothing guitar rifts, the song’s simple lyrics do a wonderful job of setting a relaxing vibe that works well for a Sunday night where you’re best off relaxing and taking it easy before tomorrow night’s festivities. Chill out and enjoy!

Kaskade – No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights & Swanky Tunes)

While I’ve heard some of Swanky Tunes’ stuff before, my love for Lights and Kaskade was the primary reason I got so excited about this track. A fist-pumper of a house track, “No One Knows Who We Are” places Lights’ sweet vocals over a beat that’s somewhat along the lines of Kaskade’s Fire & Ice. Swanky Tunes brings fire in the form of wubs and head banging electro sounds while Kaskade supplies the ice with chill piano chords and mellow vibes. Although it’s a little bit disappointing Lights didn’t get as much of a presence on the track as her collaborators, “No One Knows Who We Are” still makes for great song to kick off your weekend with.

Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

I’ve been meaning to write about Twin Shadow for some time now, but never really got around to it until now thanks to the drought of new music that typically comes with the holiday season. One of the most enjoyable artists I’ve come across this year, Twin Shadow (real name George Lewis Jr.) is best known for his ability to incorporate elements of new wave, post punk, and synthpop into his music. The first single off his 2nd album Confess, “Five Seconds” serves as a perfect example of the type of sound you can come to expect from Mr. Lewis as subtle synths play in the background over lively guitar rifts to form a beat you can just kind of rock out to. The ambiguity of the lyrics also adds to the song’s intrigue. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the rest of Confess as it’s an album that’s been making numerous “Top albums of 2012” lists.

People Get Ready – Windy City

With Christmas eve less than 8 hours away out here on the west coast, people everywhere are scrambling to prepare their respective holiday feasts and gifts. I felt like all that hustle and bustle called for an uptempo song which seems to suit the mood of business going on this time of year, which is why I decided to go with indie rock band People Get Ready’s “Windy City.” While it may not necessarily be the most Christmas spirited song, it’s high energy guitar rifts and uptempo pace are sure to help get you into the right mindset as you make the final preparations for your Christmas celebration.

Happy holidays everyone!

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Flight Facilities Remix)

I think one of the greatest things in the world is having close friends who possess as much, if not more, ambition and drive to succeed as you do. Being the basketball & fitness junkie that I am, I love playing and working out with people who push me to go as hard as I possibly can because they help me to go beyond the point of I can’t  by helping me to believe I can. If I didn’t have friends like that, I know for a fact that my basketball skills and fitness wouldn’t be where they are today. Yeah, you go as far as you want to go, but having a strong support system of people who believe in you makes you want to go farther than you ever thought you could.

Flight Facilities’ remix of the Fleetwood Mac classic “Dreams” make for good Sunday music, but it also serves as a reminder to surround yourself with people who push you to constantly keep pushing yourself.  It maintains the same mellow vibe as the original, yet adds some of the signature Flight Facilities’ signature funk by making minor alterations to the beat. Give it a listen and remember to stick with people who believe in all you can be. You’ll find your dreams more attainable when you have people like that in your life. Stay positive y’all.

Craft Spells – Party Talk

With Christmas just around the corner, this is probably the last chance most of us’ll get to party with friends before winding down and spending time with our respective families. While it’s not necessarily the most appropriate “turn-up” song for a Saturday night out on the town, Craft Spells’ “Party Talk” is filled with the type of good vibes and cautious optimism that come with Saturday nights.

Depending on the context of the weekend (i.e. when you go out, who you go out with, who’s out that night, etc.), evening outings can usually be hit or miss. It’s awesome when it ends up being the former, but when it’s the latter it just feels as though you wasted your time and could’ve been doing something more enjoyable. As such, it helps to keep your expectations for your outings in check by being cautiously optimistic; positive, yet not expecting it to be the greatest night of your life so as to not set yourself up for disappointment. It’s a single-life scenario which “Party Talk” sums up quite well:

and there you are what’s your name?

please tell me who you are.

Is this new? ‘Cause I’m falling for you

this better not be party talk.”

Laid-back guitar rifts give the song a mellowly festive vibe perfectly suit the party-like scenario portrayed by the song’s lyrics. While it helps to go into a weekend outing with positive expectations, don’t overdo it by expecting it to the best party you’ve been to since your college days or else you’ll end up regretting having gone out more than you probably should. That said, chill out with  of Craft Spells “Party Talk” as you prepare for your evening festivities.

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