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Deadmau5 – The Veldt (feat. Chris James)

Although it was released a little over a year ago, I only recently found out about the history behind Deadmau5’s “The Veldt” and, what with all the negative attention the EDM scene has been getting in the mainstream media lately, I thought it was an inspirational story about creativity worth sharing. After reading Ray Bradbury’s (author of one of the most celebrated pieces of American literature Fahrenheit 451) short story The VeldtDeadmau5 got inspired to make an audio visual representation of it. Listening to the song while reading the story, it’s hard not to think that he pretty much nailed it. The crazy thing about it is that Chris James, the featured vocalist/lyricist, isn’t some big name EDM vocalist, but rather just some dude who shot him a demo that was loosely connected to the story via Twitter. As soon as Deadmau5 finished listening to it, he knew right then and there he found someone who got exactly what it was he was trying to create. It’s a pretty cool story you can read more about here as you listen to the song below.


Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

It’s been 3 years since Canadian electrofunk duo Chromeo gave us Business Casual, but it looks as though a new album is finally out on the horizon. After debuting the goofy trailer for their forthcoming album White Women last week, the group decided to make the full version of their first single (featured in the trailer) “Over Your Shoulder” available for our listening pleasure. Despite a long layoff, it doesn’t appear as though the group has lost their touch for making synthy, feel good songs as the mellow funky sounds of “Over Your Shoulder” are sure to put you in a good mood this Monday evening. Check it out below.

Frightened Rabbit – Wildest Moments (Jessie Ware Cover)

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I think it’s really cool whenever an artist or band from one genre of music can cover the work of an artist from a completely different genre and do his or her song justice. That’s more or less the case with indie band Frightened Rabbit’s cover of R&B singer Jessie Ware’s beautiful track “Wildest Moments.” Whereas the Alicia Keys-like production of the original has a more majestic feel, the Scottish quintet’s acoustic rendition has a more mellow and down-to-earth feel to that it makes it an absolutely wonderful track to relax to this evening as you recoup from your Labor Day weekend festivities. Give it a listen below.

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