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Ferry Corsten – Hyper Love (feat. Nat Dunn)

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One of the cool things about attending music festivals with friends is that you’re in a prime position to expose yourself to different styles of music that you wouldn’t otherwise listen to. That was more or less the case with me at EDC as my friends and I opted to see Trance pioneer Ferry Corsten over Top 40 radio mainstay Calvin Harris. It’s a decision I don’t regret as more often than not, the best DJ sets are the ones that don’t just play like a BeatPort Top 10 playlist, but rather the ones that are built up of songs you’ve never heard before that sound so good that they merit additional time and effort to find the day after. Ferry Corsten’s “Hyper Love” was that kind of tune for me, as it was the closing track to his EDC set this year and capped an otherwise awesome set that had a lot more unexpected than expected. Featuring vocals from Australian singer-songwriter Nat Dunn, “Hyper Love” follows in the footsteps of Corsten’s 2012 album WKND by being more progressive house than it is trance, but is still very much capable of eliciting the feel good vibes that every dance floor deserves. Listen to the track below.

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

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Maybe it’s because I was watching Garden State last weekend for the first time in ages and suddenly realized I’m really 25 – around the same age as Zach Braff was when the movie came out back in 2004. In light of that realization, today just felt like a day to put on some good ole’ indie rock to set the reflective mood. Australian outfit Tame Impala‘s Lonerism is great for that kind of stuff because its an album that’s built on the premise of being an outsider looking in. Per lead singer Kevin Parker’s interview with DIY Mag,

It’s about the persona of someone who is really isolated – but not necessarily deliberately. Most of the songs are really about other people, being amongst other people. It’s really just the idea of being someone who doesn’t feel part of the rest of the world, someone trying to figure out where their place amongst everyone else is, and having a really confusing time with it and then slowly accepting that it’s in their blood just to be a solitary wanderer.”

As a song about misconceptions and confusion, “Mind Mischief” falls right along those lines and sounds great if you’re in need of some indie rock to zone out to. Check out the video below.

Karen Harding – Say Something (Zac Samuel Remix)

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With the advent of Soundcloud, remixes of popular songs come up left and right, but every now and then there will be one that not only stands out, but actually ends up sounding better than the original. With over 14 million plays since being released, Zac Samuel‘s remix of British singer Karen Harding’s “Say Something” definitely falls into that category as the English producer adds some zing by working off of the song’s infectious chorus and applying his own brand of funky, early 2000s UK-influenced sound. Check it out below and don’t be surprised if you suddenly find the urge to start dancing.

Snoh Aalegra – Emotional

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What do you get when you pair Wu-Tang Clan member RZA’s production with a talented voice working under the direction of No I.D.? A pretty sweet, retro sounding R&B song that sounds surprisingly fresh. A soulful voice from Sweden, Snoh Aalegra channels her energy on the Motown sounding “Emotional” by singing about the frustrations that come with waiting for the right person to come along. The old-school feel and raw emotions are further exacerbated by the song’s accompanying music video, which you can watch below.

No word on when a new album will be out, but her debut EP There Will Be Sunshine is available now.

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