Sango – Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife (feat. SPZRKT) (STWO Remix)

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Prior to looking for concerts and live performances to attend last weekend, I had no prior knowledge of who Stwo is. Turns out he’s been building quite the buzz for himself, getting support from the likes of Just Blaze and quietly amassing more than 30 million plays on his SoundCloud. That buzz, in turn, has led to calls for remixes which is how this awesome remix of Sango and SPZRKT’s “Middle of Things” came to be. The “trip-hop” like sound embodied by his previous remixes of some the most popular names in hip hop and R&B today (Trey Songz, Drake, and Banks just to name a few) is fully apparent here. An intro that mentions traveling to most lively of cities such as London, Tokyo, Paris, and LA gives you an idea of the relaxed vibe that’s to come. Perfectly timed claps and sounds that make you feel like you’re wandering through a Japanese tea garden only add to the song’s mellow nature. Check it out below and be sure to catch STWO with Mick Jenkins on tour in the US this fall.

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