Amtrac – Hold On

Morehead is a small town in Kentucky with a population of slightly under 7000 people. It’s far from the big city, bright lights type of environment you would expect a talented dance music producer such as Amtrac (born Caleb Cornett) to come from, let alone live in after signing with a well-known label such as Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records, yet despite his success he chooses to stay and call it home. Commissioned for official remixes by dance music stalwarts such as Axwell ^ Ingrosso and Kaskade, Amtrac has a knack for using soulful samples from legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and turning the smallest bits of vocals into funky deep house-influenced tracks. It’s something that’s a talent in and of itself and speaks volumes to his creativity as an artist.

“Hold On” is his latest track and it’s an absolute banger. Per an interview with Billboard, Amtrac elaborated on how love and being away from home inspired the track:

“It’s inspired by travel and relationships,” Cornett says. “With the vocal being ‘come to me when I call your name,’ ‘you’re not here,’ ‘I need your love,’ it’s talking about people who have long distance relationships, in a sense. The feel of the song as well comes from traveling, seeing different sounds from all over the world coming together.”

He’s not touring at the moment, but given that he opened for Kaskade Atmosphere and Redux tours I wouldn’t be surprised if Amtrac joined Ryan Raddon on his upcoming Automatic tour set for later this year. Check out the song below.

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