PARTYNEXTDOOR – No Feelings (feat. Travi$ Scott)

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Drake’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late is probably the moodiest album we’ve heard from him to date. Despite the massive success that comes with being A-list artist, Drake seemed totally unhappy and detached as he rapped over dark, spacey beats about his thoughts on all of it. That’s not to say that it was a bad album, because it was in fact quite good and exactly the type of excellence we’ve come to expect of Drake. Drake’s protégé PARTYNEXTDOOR and Travi$ Scott are two of the three featured artists on that album and they recapture that same moodiness here on their new track “No Feelings” which debuted earlier this week on Drake’s Beats 1 radio show OVO Sound Radio. Check out a [sensored] radio rip of the track below.

Sango – Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife (feat. SPZRKT) (STWO Remix)

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Prior to looking for concerts and live performances to attend last weekend, I had no prior knowledge of who Stwo is. Turns out he’s been building quite the buzz for himself, getting support from the likes of Just Blaze and quietly amassing more than 30 million plays on his SoundCloud. That buzz, in turn, has led to calls for remixes which is how this awesome remix of Sango and SPZRKT’s “Middle of Things” came to be. The “trip-hop” like sound embodied by his previous remixes of some the most popular names in hip hop and R&B today (Trey Songz, Drake, and Banks just to name a few) is fully apparent here. An intro that mentions traveling to most lively of cities such as London, Tokyo, Paris, and LA gives you an idea of the relaxed vibe that’s to come. Perfectly timed claps and sounds that make you feel like you’re wandering through a Japanese tea garden only add to the song’s mellow nature. Check it out below and be sure to catch STWO with Mick Jenkins on tour in the US this fall.

Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

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Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker is very good when it comes to writing songs about heartbreak as evidenced by the last two Tame Impala albums Lonerism and Inner Speaker. Their most recent album Currents continues that trend, albeit with more disco and dance-inspired sounds than one would expect from what has typically been billed as a psychedelic rock band. Mixed with lyrics that can be downright depressing at times, these sounds make for an interesting dynamic in that you don’t know whether to feel sad because of the downtrodden nature of the songs or just go with the flow and bop your head to the music because of how great it sounds. This dynamic is most apparent on “The Less I Know the Better,” wherein Parker sings over 80s-inspired synths and funky guitar rifts about having feelings for someone, only to realize that they’re more interested in somebody else.

Someone said they left together

I ran out the door to get her

She was holding hands with Trevor

Not the greatest feeling ever.”

As is the case with most Tame Impala songs, it’s a song best played during those times you find yourself alone and wanting to reflect on life. Check it out below.

Tinashe – 2 On (feat. Schoolboy Q) (TOKiMONSTA Remix)

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Even though Tinashe’s “2 On” got a ton of radio play last year, I thought it was a great song the first time I heard it. Like any great mainstream song, it was bound to receive a ton of remixes, but TOKiMONSTA’s remix is the one that really stood out for me. Whereas the original features the club-oriented production we’ve come to expect from DJ Mustard, the TOKiMonsta remix utilizes an alluring combination of bongos and synths to give the song a more relaxed feel that works great if you’re looking to chill out or wind down. Check it out below.

Aquilo – Better Off Without You (Body Language Remix)

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Better Off Without You” is an absolutely beautiful song that’s been out for about two months, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I discovered up and coming electronic duo Aquilo. While the original probably merits a post of its own, it was the remix from fellow electronic act Body Language that really caught my ear. As a band that categorizes itself under the genre of SEX, the Brooklyn quartet makes Aquilo’s already dreamy track even dreamier by speeding up the track slightly and adding in some perfectly timed synths and bass to accentuate the emotion of the song’s lyrics. Check it out below.

Ferry Corsten – Hyper Love (feat. Nat Dunn)

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One of the cool things about attending music festivals with friends is that you’re in a prime position to expose yourself to different styles of music that you wouldn’t otherwise listen to. That was more or less the case with me at EDC as my friends and I opted to see Trance pioneer Ferry Corsten over Top 40 radio mainstay Calvin Harris. It’s a decision I don’t regret as more often than not, the best DJ sets are the ones that don’t just play like a BeatPort Top 10 playlist, but rather the ones that are built up of songs you’ve never heard before that sound so good that they merit additional time and effort to find the day after. Ferry Corsten’s “Hyper Love” was that kind of tune for me, as it was the closing track to his EDC set this year and capped an otherwise awesome set that had a lot more unexpected than expected. Featuring vocals from Australian singer-songwriter Nat Dunn, “Hyper Love” follows in the footsteps of Corsten’s 2012 album WKND by being more progressive house than it is trance, but is still very much capable of eliciting the feel good vibes that every dance floor deserves. Listen to the track below.

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

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Maybe it’s because I was watching Garden State last weekend for the first time in ages and suddenly realized I’m really 25 – around the same age as Zach Braff was when the movie came out back in 2004. In light of that realization, today just felt like a day to put on some good ole’ indie rock to set the reflective mood. Australian outfit Tame Impala‘s Lonerism is great for that kind of stuff because its an album that’s built on the premise of being an outsider looking in. Per lead singer Kevin Parker’s interview with DIY Mag,

It’s about the persona of someone who is really isolated – but not necessarily deliberately. Most of the songs are really about other people, being amongst other people. It’s really just the idea of being someone who doesn’t feel part of the rest of the world, someone trying to figure out where their place amongst everyone else is, and having a really confusing time with it and then slowly accepting that it’s in their blood just to be a solitary wanderer.”

As a song about misconceptions and confusion, “Mind Mischief” falls right along those lines and sounds great if you’re in need of some indie rock to zone out to. Check out the video below.

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